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I take photo's, captivating picture and that is how I express myself best. "Words don't come easy" especially when the topic is me. Four years ago, on a whim - my wife and I decided to got to Vietnam on a belated honeymoon. We ended up staying and exploring the vast and versatile Vietnam for 2 years. My savings while working allowed me to buy my dream camera and not long after - I was shooting friends and snapping couples. Ina strange turn of events - Clyne and I were on the other side of the lens for a while. Seems we were the perfect couple in diversity - for photoshoots in exotic and luxurious touristy destinations and locations.


We would spend long weekends with international crews - from sunrise to sunset in front of their lens. These experiences i appreciate for giving me the much needed insight as to what my clients and subjects experience and how moods and attitudes are translated into beautiful and breathtaking images.


Photography is an art form of it's own - and videography is a distant relative from the other side of the street.

Some people say you should choose one or the other - but I have found that my keen eye for moments in the making - translates so very well into a captivating tale told through film.


Your big day, your special moment in time is just that - it's yours to be remembered and treasure for each and every moment to be made into a memory - permit me to come along side you and practise my art of transforming your moments into beautiful memories that you can treasure forever in film and photograph.


I am a coffee lover and would suggest a meeting where you choose the spot and I can meet you in your world to explore the possibilities together. Think about what you are looking for ... i am not talking about the coffee time or even your wedding. I am referring to the anniversaries and family get togethers, reunions with old friends and catch up with class mates .... where you share your photographic or filmed memories with them...

What are you hoping to see and more importantly ... what are you hoping to feel? And that in a nut shell is what I will be shooting for you - on your special day !

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It was such a pleasure working with Chris. He was friendly, professional and helpful from the initial conversation until the big day. He made us feel at ease as we knew we were working with someone who wanted the best for our day. He did an amazing job!

Jacob Sanders | Destination Wedding

Best experience ever! Their work is absolutely amazing and would recommend them to anyone thinking of getting married!

Savannah Kloeck | Equine-Librium Plett

Chris is an amazing photographer who captures really special moments beautifully. He isn't scared to try something he's never done before. He is so innovative and tries to capture everything you're wanting in a picture.

Cherileze Maree  | Robberg NAture Reserve

Chis is absolutely AMAZING his work is outstanding. Me and my partner enjoyed every moment of the shoot! He is so talented and full of awesome ideas. The best part was that he made me and my partner feel very comfortable and enjoyed every minute of the shoot! His work is the BEST, our photos are gorgeous

I recommend him for any event! Love his work