Cinematic Films

Filming your wedding is not like directing a blockbuster romance movie. It is those unfiltered, bold, warm moments that showcase your story in the best way possible. All details go into these small moment to tell your story through your eyes that's why I am your wedding videographer for this special day! 

For my guys- this is going to be FUN! Don't stress. We're going to create magic I am going to third wheel to capture the whole thing. Don't worry about awkward poses. So let it all go! 

Darren & Mary-Ann


These two beautiful souls had a magnificent wedding at Cape Point Vineyard in Noordhoek after waiting 1 year due to the pandemic which created one hell of a party!

Vincent & Morgane


This wedding is a special one for us. We met only online for our wedding consultation to later discover it was our landlord getting married at Cape Point Vineyards

Matthew & Celeste


Having done this wedding I could have never imagined what it would look like filming in an Old Prison and Aquarium. This was the most unique and interesting wedding in Cape Town for any wedding videographer. 

Nadia & Keagan


One of the most fun and adventurous shoots we have done as a save the date for their wedding. It involves scrabble, we will leave it there

Lethu & Yamkela


What a beautiful couple they were. It was my first African wedding experience and I was blown away by the traditions and hospitality.

Amanda & Brandon


I love their love story as it is unapologetically them sharing every moment the could on such a beautiful destination wedding at Casablanca Manor