Juan & Lolita's secret elopement in Durban

Juan was the one that originally reached out on IG saying "Hey man I love your beard!". I was flattered and didn't know what to say so I just send a 1min voice note talking about beards and we just continued from there.

Covid had a big impact on a lot of couples special day but Juan saw this as an opportunity to fulfil Lolita's dream as having a special day just with her boo, nothing big or extravagant. So Juan and I started working on a plan well after we finished a few games of call of duty that is, and then we got the location which obviously is a secret ready and all the smaller details.  


Lolita was in awe as she was not expecting this and being treated like a queen marrying the man of her dreams looked and felt like a fairytale, and the best part it wasn't a fairytale but real.


I always wake up and wonder how have I become so fortunate to share in a big day like this  🤍

Location: Secret

Elopement Photographer: Avant Garde Creations

Flowers: Durban Florist

Dress: Bride and Co