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Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Hiring a photographer for your big day or for your memories should be an automatic YES. But booking a high-quality photographer that matches exactly what you are looking for is an absolute deal-breaker. We’re talking about the person that will capture your memories that you will carry with you forever, that’s a pretty big decision to make. Some people don’t see a need for booking a photographer and others, it’s an obvious yes and I’ve seen both sides. But who you book, now that’s a big deal. Let’s talk about why hiring a photographer should be essential for preserving your memories and also why booking a photographer that embodies what you’re looking for, and not settling, is super important.

You Will Forget So Many Things

If you’re getting married, why would you spend a ton of money on food, decor, DJ’s, etc. and not hire someone to preserve those tangible things forever? Most people who opt to elope, do so with the idea of a more intimate experience and more often than not, hire a photographer. But why not turn that into a full blown adventure instead of a quick ceremony? Living somewhere special or going through a new chapter of life? Why not document that?

Are you going to remember the emotions you felt with your partner when you said I do, or how you two felt scaling a mountain or overlooking an incredible view in Yosemite? Or how about remembering how good you looked while you were young and adventuring with your lover? There are so many things you will forget. I can’t tell you how many galleries I’ve delivered to hear “OMG I totally forgot about that” or “oh this person is no longer with us, I am so glad you got that shot of them”. Remember that when you go to book a photographer or if you’re considering booking one, that it is a long-term investment in preserving your memories and experiences

Do Not Settle

Never settle for a photographer just because the one you wanted is out of budget. These are your memories so save up for the investment. At the end of the day, settling for another photographer whose style is likely different than the one you wanted, will only leave you disappointed and wishing you had just booked the other photographer. And of course, will only leave the photographer you did book, feeling pretty icky. Photography is our job, yes but it is also our art. I personally take it very seriously and put a lot of pride in my work. We want you to love our work and if you don’t, that’s okay, just don’t book us because we are not the right fit. Book with a photographer that fits the style you want that means editing and overall how they work their people and details. I personally strive to be different and let my creativity and weirdness flow through each of my shoots. I never treat any of my couples the same because you are not the same.

I can’t stress enough just how important it is to book a photographer you feel called to and know that their work is exactly what you’re looking for. Use your gut feeling and stick with it. You would never want to look at photos of a time in your life that was so important and wish you had put more money into a different photographer. If you don’t like a photographer’s editing style that you are considering- don’t book them. I can’t tell you how many times I hear people say, in facebook groups or even when they inquire with me, that they are re-doing a shoot or wish they could re-do their wedding because they ended up hating their pictures because they settled. Communicate with your photographer and read their contract entirely to make sure they meet you’re the right fit. Take time researching their work and figure out if they are the perfect fit for you and your partner!

Save Up

Remember, this is an investment and don’t forget, you get what you pay for! Booking a photographer should be one of the first things you do in the planning phases of your trip, wedding, elopement, etc. Planning is crucial so you can save up and book a photographer that fits exactly what you want and dream of.

We all know weddings and elopements can get pricey from the food, decor, to all of the little details such as guest programs or centerpieces. All of those beautiful details you pin on Pinterest can add up and there are ways to cut down your costs, but your photographer should not be one of those things you cut back on. In short; hire a photographer to preserve your memories (don’t short cut those memories, either) and invest in the photographer you really want! I am really good at getting to know my people before booking so if I feel we aren’t the right fit, that’s okay and I’ll let you know. I would much rather you book someone you LOVE and any good photographer will say the same.

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