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Vietnam with our "bạn bè đẹp" ( beautiful friends )

Vietnam was a concrete jungle and the most adventurous and in the moment decision of my life moving there without ever leaving the country, and I couldn't be more happy to have met these two friends.

In Vietnam there is probably more Saffas then I have ever even seen in South Africa so it was bound to happen and run into them, which started at bagel shop ran by two Australian brothers. I mean where can you buy a cream cheese bagel for R17. We started playing some of the board games the shop provided and wasn't there for any kind of photography, but as we were loosing I wanted to change the subject and asked them if they wouldn't want a parting gift before leaving Vietnam.

And the day could not have been any better, they were natural as can be. Their laughter and secret moments were moments that could not be recreated as it was so in the moment and spontaneous that I was falling in love with them as a couple and being their first couple photographer was amazing.