Western Cape Wedding

Jacob and Shanel's Wedding in Stellenbosch 

Special Day in Stellenbosch

Jacob and Shanel’s wedding in the pristine and beautiful wine lands of Stellenbosch. I was beyond excited I mean meeting someone else who also has a beard started a bromance immediately. 


It was a very intimate wedding with a memorable preparation. Having their family with them and seeing how much this meant to them was so special for us to be part of. Her first dance with her dad was a moment where we had to stop for a moment and just take it in.


The highlight of the day was the speeches by the batsman and bridesmaids it made everyone cry with tears in their eyes. There were hints of their love throughout the wedding from their first song to the first flower Jacob gave Shanel. 


Jacob and Shanel’s, we know that your future together is one that has been set in the stars. 🤍